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Empowering Inclusivity: A Conversation with Dr. Oscar Holmes IV

August 11, 2023 Dr. J Season 2 Episode 1
Top 5 DEI
Empowering Inclusivity: A Conversation with Dr. Oscar Holmes IV
Show Notes

In this episode of Top 5 DEI podcast, Dr. Jason Lambert, aka Dr. J, sits down with Dr. Oscar Holmes IV, a distinguished DEI scholar and practitioner. As the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and an Associate Professor of Management at Rutgers School of Business-Camden, Dr. Holmes brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conversation. He is also the founder of WHConsulting Firm LLC and the creator and host of the Diversity Matters podcast.

Dr. Holmes shares his journey into the DEI field, discussing the projects he has worked on, including research, books, and organizational work projects. With a focus on fostering more inclusive environments, his research on maximizing productivity and well-being through inclusivity has been published in top-tier management journals and books.

During the episode, Dr. Holmes addresses common reasons for DEI backlash in companies and provides valuable advice for new DEI professionals to achieve success in their roles. He also shares insights on reducing implicit bias and offers practical actions and behaviors to mitigate biases.

To add a personal touch to the episode, Dr. J asks Dr. Holmes about his Top 5 singers, allowing listeners to connect with the guest on a more personal level.

Don't miss this enlightening and engaging conversation with Dr. Oscar Holmes IV, filled with valuable insights, advice, and inspiring stories about his work in the DEI field. Whether you're a DEI professional or an individual interested in creating diverse and equitable environments, this episode will empower and educate you to make a positive impact in your organization and community.

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